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Kellar's Keep

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HeroQuest никогда не издавался в России. Все ресурсы на этой странице были переведены и созданы фанатами. Посмотрите Английский and Американский разделы для дополнительных ресурсов и материалов сделанных фанатами.

Описание - Eventyrbog
Тайлы - Miniatures & Furniture

The Emperor is besieged in Karak Varn. Only by navigating long lost passages can he and his knights be saved. This heavy task falls on you, my trusted Champions.

The adventure continues... Beneath the Black Mountains the Witch Lord broods deeply, rekindling the embers of his malevolent ambitions. Soon he will have recovered enough strength to lead his skeleton army once more.

Yet a greater danger looms, for the Emperor and the remnants of his army are still besieged in Karak Varn. Time is running out for them. You must find the secret passage that has been lost for a thousand years, a passage spoken of in legend alone, which leads to the vaults of Kellar's Keep, the mighty heart of Karak Varn. It cuts through the bowels of the World's Edge Mountains that lie to the east.

You will need to journey through the Halls of Belorn, ancient tunnels long since ruined. Mentor will guide you as far as the Great Gate. From there on the challenge will be yours alone.

  • Contents
  • A Quest Book with ten new adventures.
  • 17 finely crafted Citadel Miniatures,
    (8 Orcs, 6 Goblins, 3 Fimir)
  • new full colour game board overlays.

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Книга квэстов для дополнения 'Темница Келлара'. США версия

Книга квэстов для дополнения "Темница Келлара". США версия
Перевод: Soundheart

Оптимизированную для печати версию, можно найти здесь Для тех, кто пожелает сэкономить чернила.

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HeroQuest Kellar's Keep Tiles

Тайлы для Темницы Келлара

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HeroQuest Kellar's Keep Miniatures


17 finely-detailed Monsters (8 Orcs [3 with Sword, 2 with Flail, 2 with Cleaver, 1 with Notched Sword], 6 Goblins [2 with Sword, 2 with Hatchet, 2 with Curved Sword], 3 Fimir)

HeroQuest Kellar's Keep Furniture


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